08/01/2022 Center of Excellence will resume on 08/05/2022. Be ready.

07/14/2022 Center of Excellence is on the break and will resume on 08/05/2022

05/27/2022 Just announced: New Summer Pro Camp! Do not miss it! Camp:

11/09/2021 Just announced: New Christmas Camp! Do not miss it! Camp:

10/27/2021 Just announced: United Sports UK Tour, Manchester England July 18 – 27 2021!!! More details to follow.

Gordon is holding a Preseason week camp in August, for players to get ready for their season!

What a fantastic two weeks of the United Sports Pro Camp! Every player received world-class training, experience, and memories to share. Gordon would like to personally thank each participant and wishes them well with their football journeys. Keep checking the website for the upcoming camp, it is coming soon!

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